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The Docu - Tour

Encouraged by the recent #walkaway movement, and the growing numbers of Black independent thinkers, my goal is to introduce an entertaining 3-step project that opens up a productive. non-vitriolic dialogue with America about race and the effects that our thinking and voting record has on our lives.


The first step - My book "Left it",  that illustrates how I came to my political and personal journey to the Right. 


The second step - A documentary humanizing the hot new faces of Black free thinkers who are currently blazing the scene. Show them in a light that isn’t super political, but personable, likeable, and relatable, in other words not the mean-spirited, self-loathing, sell-outs they've been depicted as by the media. 

The last step - An edu-taining nation-wide, live tour. I will host and be joined by a variety of guest address issues that are of particular interest to the Black community, and the entire "American Family" as well.  We're all in this together!

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