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I Got Your Wall Right Here!


WATCH  my interview with AZ Patriot's citizen journalist/activist Jennifer Harrison who gives an in-your-face assist to border patrol in the AZ dessert. What she encounters will shock you!


Funday Sunday!


WATCH  the infamous Kevin Ellerbe from Kevin's Corner play, "If you were Trump, what would you call her?" Also Terry Littlepage reveals his new conservative "safe space" platform for News and, Entertainment.


How to Destroy A Generation in 1 Easy Step


WATCH  my interview with Joe Messina of The Real Side Radio from the California school board breaks down what's going on with the Democrat mandate to sexualize our kids, why, and what we can do about it.


When Conservatives Go Rogue

image for show_edited.jpg

WATCH  Sonja's  interview with Dr. Karen Siegemund who was unceremoniously "fired" from her job after coming out as a conservative producer of the 2019 American Freedom Alliamce Conference.  Hear snippets of Bill Whittle's speech from the conference and find out what you can do to help!


Should Today's Men Have Any Rights to Rights?!

Alison show image_edited.jpg

WATCH  Sonja's  interview with former feminist turned Men's Rights Activist, Founder of Honey Badger Radio Alison Tieman. How the Left has decimated men, women and children and what we can do to help.


Black Conservatives Speak Out!

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WATCH Sonja's  interview with the President of the American Freedom Alliance , Dr. Karen Siegemund.  Also from Chicago, author/speaker Charles Love, who describes what motivated his "coming out" as a Black Conservative, and his ambitious plan to heal the Black Commitee that has never been attempted before.



How to Let Evil Win!

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WATCH as Sonja interviews apologist, public speaker Jannique Stewart who teaches young people to honor their bodies, the truth about abortion, then gets dis-invited from a college campus because of her views.



Flying Solo Night!

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WATCH Sonja address where she's been, why she left the world of politics and what she's doing now.



Black Republican, How Does That Even Happen?!

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WATCH with special guest author and out-spoken activist AlfonZo Rachel of Bronze Serpent Media - Gives insight on what it's like to be a Black Republican and make the decision toward independent thought 


Hollywood: The End

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WATCH as Sonja shares her experience in Hollywood  as a Black Conservative, and why Donald Trump is the toxic man they thought they'd gotten rid of and 2 movie reviews.



Media From the Right, the Time is Now!

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WATCH with special guest, Mark Vafiades former President of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans, now serving in the Trump administration in the HHS division. 


My Very First Show!

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Do electric cars run over more Black people, how to get out of Facebook jail and more ridiculous topics... WATCH my interview with the Conservative video master of his long-standing political comedy show, Intellectual Froglegs. JOE DAN GORMAN.



Christians in Hollywood?!

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WATCH as Sonja describes her experience working in a hostile environment for a Christian. and author, filmmaker, education Brian Godawa explains how we can watch movies and tv shows from a Biblical perspective - Even zombie movies!



Funday Tuesday!

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WATCH as Sonja interviews friend, ex-colleague from The Aresenio Hall show, Conservative satirist and author Evan Sayet for the funnest Tuesday yet!  



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